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Muffler shop serving San Diego County, California

Ed Hanson's Muffler Service

Ed Hanson's Muffler Service has been servicing San Diego County cars for over 25 years, providing quality work at a competitive price.

We work on cars, trucks, RVs, and commercial trucks!

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More than a muffler shop, a high-performance center!
Whether you want to improve gas mileage, increase horsepower, or get a better sounding exhaust system, we are here to fulfill all your high performance needs.

In today's times with the high price of gas and no immediate relief in sight, you have to get the best performance for your gas buck, especially if you drive a SUV, truck, or have a high output engine.
In the past, high performance meant that you were either a "Johnny Racer" or were ready to burn rubber out of the light. Nowadays, it's all about improving your engine's "breathing" by installing a high-flow exhaust system or improving your vehicle's fuel power management to get the most horsepower with the least amount of gas. In many instances, the result is a considerable increase in your engine's power and much better fuel efficiency.
Ed Hanson’s Muffler Service has been California’s most reputable muffler shop for over two decades. Specializing in an array of different exhaust services, Ed Hanson and his crew have built their esteemed reputation through hard work, honesty, dedication, and an unrivaled respect for customer service. As the testimonials and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau indicate, customer satisfaction is always Ed Hanson’s number one priority.

If you need a muffler repair, a catalytic converter, or any other type of exhaust system repair in San Diego, there is no better place to turn. Ed Hanson's Muffler Shop has helped numerous car, truck, and RV owners in California improve the performance of their vehicles by properly designing the exhaust system. They can increase your engine’s power, develop a better sounding exhaust system, and enhance its fuel efficiency. Whether they achieve their goal through the installation of a high-flow exhaust system, or work to improve the fuel power management, Ed Hanson and his crew will work tirelessly to enhance your vehicle. Taking your vehicle to Ed Hanson’s is a prudent way to combat the exorbitant gas prices and to extend the life of your vehicle. Call today to schedule a FREE exhaust system inspection.

The best part about it? Any of the modifications we perform are street legal, and they normally pay for themselves with the resulting savings on improved gas mileage. At Ed Hanson's Muffler Services, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Contact us today at 619-698-7030 to schedule FREE Exhaust System Inspections and Estimates or FREE Estimates on Catalytic Converters OBD II and High Flow.

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Ed Hanson's Muffler Service

3916 N. Barcelona
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Phone: 619-698-7030

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